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Servicii- Proiectare-Modelare 3D- Randare



Laurentiu Stanciu 


Proiecte: arhitectura locuinte, birouri-office cafe, bar, restaurant, club, scenografie, loisir, club sportiv s.a.
Servicii de calitate, premium, exigenta maxima si seriozitate. Folosesc cele mai bune referinte in materie de finisaje si mobilier.

Servicii amenajare: 

Amenajare de interior: asistenta santier fazele importante, ofertare produse/materiale, servicii proiectare, randare, detalii executie, implementare proiect, consultanta; prezentare 3d a spatiului;
Extensii imobile

Servicii 3d

Planuri, sectiuni, elevatii, detalii.- se negociaza direct in functie de dimensiunea proiectului

Alte servicii:
concept, documentare

Creates, manages, assists and develops architecture&interior design projects.


Preliminary stage

Prepares and schedules the project's subject(theme)
Design and project offering
Financial offering
Project's contract
Technical,law,statute and urbanism context analysis
Estate advisement and consultancy

Preliminary projectings and planning theme
List of documents & studies required for project implementation
List of partners and teams to colaborate
Theme illustration
Investment budget estimations
Schedule and stages of investment

Location measurements - first
additional services for this stage: comparative studies

Project development
Final version of project's projecting theme
Final version of planning - general plan, outline, scheme, diagrams
Planning investment's schedule
Detailed working themes for experts

Preliminary management of experts projects
New budget estimation
Partners, suppliers and products expertise, advicement and consultancy

Space planning for house, cottage, office, meeting/training rooms, reception, shop, flagship stores, showrooms, pavilions , events, furniture design,
choosing most appropriate solutions for clients requirements and their budgets
CAD drawings
executions details, drawings and specifications
design and architecture proposals
3D presentations for required solution
furniture design

General consultancy for interiors design and architecture projects

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